- Lipstick Guys


The Lipstick Guys were born in 2012 by two italian djs established in the Veneto music scene for over 15 years. This collaboration was created by the desire to create the concept of a more dynamic and engaging dj set.Lipstick Guys are composed by Marco Nerini and Matteo Place.Marco has always stood by his high quality level of dj- set in many clubs and events; Matthew has improved skills in studio production and live sets creating the perfect groove in every situation.They work through a workflow that is setted in a production that merge two falvors, two styles, two ways of meaning to create something more complete.Their livesets and B2B allows them to work menaging effects, vocals, loops, live grooves masterpiece; a set that shows always four hand moving constantly over the mixer, the cdj, different devices and midi controllers.The style made by the lipstick guys is very different depending the club and the groove but main stage is tech house and deep house music.They are currently the resident djs of ONE NIGHT GLORY HOLE c / o Plettro ALT ERNAT IVE SOUND (Quero - BL) sharing the set with the most important europen djs requested in the main stage around all over the world like Marco Lys, Sébastien Léger, Tube and Berger, Ian F. Coming soon for their first LP distributed by Unbelievable Records