- KGproject


The KGproject started in the year 2007 when David Grinshtein and Yaron Katzav met ,their common passion for producing electronic music as well as their close friendship was the base for their first joint project and soon they become KGproject known today. From then on they kept working together trying different genres and combinations to integrate into their different styles .They also featured live vocal tapes and guitar to their tracks making them more original.Dj David Griin a.k.a David Grinshtein was born in 1989 in Ukraine.At the age of 2 he immigrated to Israel where lives till this day. From his childhood years he demonstrated love to music and rhythm and started taking piano lessons .In 2005 he decided to enter the world of electronic music and quickly found his passion in this genre with the Trance HouseElectro Music. In addition, he started editing and producing his first tracks .DJ Yaron.K a.k.a Yaron Katzav was born in 1989 in Israel. In his early years he learned to play music on the organ as well as showing great interest in all kinds of music and especially in Electronic Music. Yaron always dreamed to be a DJ and wanted to create original music He's style is more Alternative Electronic music than Mainstream.After releasing some tracks in difference labels they recently founded their own Original Label OPUM concentrating on Pure music only.Now KG project is working on their new music for the Israeli stage and the world's night life trying to make their own concept a new one