- Insom


Insom ,Gabriel Mentis was born in 1987 and raised in Athens,Greece. He began music early with piano, violin and classical studies.As a child, he participates in many classical concerts,choirs and rock lives.At the age of 14,while being in music highschool, he is starting to produce techno and jungle in his pc.Insom was his graffiti tag then. In the years he discovered more dark sounds, that inspired him to make his music more aggressive.In 2005 he decides to buy his own equipment and starting to mixing drumnbass and breaks. Same year later, alongside Electroja aka Oze ,and Artizda they create the crew Urban Danja.As Urban Danja they have played in many parties and festivals around Greece, and they have organized their own parties with guests such as Nocturnal,ChrisSU, Mc Coppa, Trei, Konspirator, Funxion, CreativeSpace, PonyLicks, BrotherCulture and many others.From 2009 he also plays Live Dubstep & Breakbeat with Electroja. Late 2007 and early 2008 he releases his first singles with MinusSounds(GR).Fire Ep comes from 33Recordings(GR) in 2009,one breakbeat track and four neuro&tech drumnbass tracks.Meanwhile,from 2008 he has a Dub/FutureDub/Dubstep project with Ladko named DubRiots.In 2010, Insom releases Leaden (33Recordings), an experimental dubstep and drumnbass ep.He has forthcoming releases in labels such as InDaJungle , VimRecords and others. Now Insom has finished his studies in sound engineer, and he is focused in producing drumnbass, dubstep and more experimental sounds, and also recording and mixing reggae, dub, hiphop etc ...