- Direct Feed


One of Long Beach’s greatest Drum N Bass contributors, Direct Feed, has been annihilating dance floors as early as 1995. Originally known as .Com, Direct Feed is the culmination of his versatile aliases. His prismatic taste has led to several assumed names, such as Chaos in Motion, his original Ragga- Jungle alias, as well as his Electro inspired persona, GameBanger with partner Mainframe. Direct Feed is also known to partner with Cixelsyd, creating hard DNB, as Fixation. And still a 3rd collaboration project with Mobb Creep got started this year. It is this comprehensive understanding of sounds that led to his production career, which began in 2004, and has generated twenty two vinyl releases, two CD releases, and numerous digital releases. Known for his raucous synths and low subs, Direct Feed takes pride in his hip hop influenced music. It is carefully calculated chaos that keeps his crowd packing out the dance floor. In February 2008, his multifaceted musical inclination coupled with his work ethic, led him overseas, doing tours in Belgium, Amsterdam and Austria. Within the United States, Direct Feed has performed coast to coast, from his home state California, to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Direct Feed has been affiliated with labels such as: Jungle Riddim Records, Cymbalism, N20, Good Fortune Sound, Dub Chamber, Humdruma, Relentless, Foul Play, Ulan Bator, Rust Music, Orbiter, Sub Chamber, Sideways, Collie Connect, Rockers Dub, Juvenile Scum, US Jungle and Warlord.