- Freakiss


Dj, producer of electronic music in a House-Techno styleFreakiss educates his musical ear at an early age with apassionate father of music Blues-Jazz-Soul (L.Hampton,L.Amstrong, R.Charles, D.Ellington , F.Domino ...), home theturntable is a real addiction ... Soundtracks (E.Morricone,GMDermot, J.Williams ...) but also composers, frenchperformers (S.Gainsbourg , C.Nougaro, Charles Aznavour ...)tend to mom's ear ... Arrive adolescence and openness tothe world by so-called alternative music, thanks to radiostations as "Nova", "FG", "AGORA", "Eko garrigue","LeMouv" it creates a real world and musical identity. Thencomes the "slap" Electronic called "FrenchTouch" in themiddle of the year 90, he fully recognized in this music, thefirst "Raves" friends enable him to understand thephilosophy of a movement that has never ceased to evolveuntil today. The evidence and the party organization envy inthe south of France are quickly paramount in his life. The"Methodik Evolution" starts strong, immediate success! ItsAsso "Kartoon's Family" with the help of these childhoodfriends rhythm to the lives of many fans south for severalyears. DJs such as Agoria, Electric Rescue, Marco Bailey,D'jamency, DolbyD Citizen Kein, Stephanovich, Madison,Nikita, Rykkk's, Disturbed Trax, Sims, Ultra Color, PaulNazca, Olive and others will play for them. The day of the"reason" happens, and there arises the desire to producehis own music is increasingly pervasive ... Self-taught, thebeginning is difficult, equip, understanding, creative ... theheadaches are regular but it darkens, it snaps, hesympathizes with other Dj, Producers who encouraged ... therecognition of his work is increasingly present, his musicand the DJ sets is a beautiful exploration of his musicaluniverse, the styles are varied, it goes from the "House ofChicago" to "minimal Techno German" through the "Housemade in France", the "Detroit Techno" but also "English "...he likes the mix of different influences, inspirations, whichled him to produce the own Tracks and collaborating withother artists. That's when he starts with his producerlongtime friend Vincent aka "Terhagan" their own RecordingLabel Turran, the adventure has just begun ...!