- Beat Fatigue


Beat Fatigue is a 25 year old producer, DJ and guitarist from Amsterdam. He was ten years old when he first picked up a guitar. Inspired by his heroes such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Scofield he just kept on making music in any form pos s ible.Now Beat Fatigue tries to combine all the things he has picked up through his on-going musical adventure and integrate it all into one big sandwich that includes Jazz, Blues, Glitch, Dubstep, Soul, Hiphop, Neuro and Funk as the leading theme to get you dance your ass off. Beat Fatigue's main goal is to find a new sound that keeps you more awake then your mama after taking her pills and hopefully inspire some people in the process.Funky wobbly swinging bass-lines with jazzy chord progressions, some recorded midi layers, effects, vocal chops, punchy drums and a guitar-jam on top of it is what you can expect of Beat Fatigue's sound. In a live set you can expect live guitar jams with funky Glitch Hop. So if you have a long day and you need to get some sleep, we advice you not to press play, it can cause severe energy boosts and subconsciously force you into doing the pigeon dance.