- Crazy Daylight


Crazy Daylight is well known for energetic live performances, retro synth chords and wowing crowds with his signature vocoder vocals that are all performed live on stage. In a scene where the word “live” is often loosely used to describe DJs triggering a few clips in Ableton and turning a few effect knobs, Crazy Daylight has set a different standard for live electronic music performances.This is seriously, funked up music with crunchy bass lines, glitches and a twisted mash of melodic and heavy dancefloor grooves. It’s a unique and immediately recognizable style infused with glitch hop, dubstep and electro and an ever present hint of pop sensibility.“From age 5 I would watch video clips on t v every weekend and growing up through the 90’s the cheesy retro and rave sounds from the period are engrained in my psyche. I think that’s pretty obvious if you listen to a Crazy Daylight track.”Crazy Daylight is a reference to all the good times, all the loose times, the surreal... and the unreal fun and most hilarious things that happen when the sun comes up after a night (or two) of part ying and t he part y keeps on rollin’. Not hing is serious, everyone is in a state of stupidity, then the fun really begins... Get on it... Get Crazy.