- Aybars


Aybars was born in South of Turkey in Bodrum,he got introduced to music when he was 9 nine years old due his cousins he started playing base since then and started his journey into the music with rock music ,his love for strong music and base made him passionate about techno sound,he started work with his family on their entertainment business nightclubs and private parties ,organized parties and events when he was only sixteen years old,started to gather bands of djs all around the world,organized events in dubai,Newyork,Ibiza,Istanbul,Milano,Brazil and Germany.Infiluenced by the DJs and musicians around him since early ages he got into playing with his own electronic sound,he started producing,composing on summer 2016 with the spanish DJ Caravaca,Righy after that summer he opened his own label TEKNOMORE which started with the first big event in ibiza and his music and vibe shortly loved by everyone.US,Europe,Asia,Africa Aybars and his team is trying to make a difference with his vibe and his music all around the world.