- Autre


Pietro Caprioglio, a young venetian guy, creates the project Autre in 2008. After several years spent in the field of instrumental music studying drum, charmed by the research of sounds and animated by the desire of fascinating the dance floor with his music, he starts approaching to this new horizon. His never ending research brings him to explore every field of music and so he can create his own and personal style through the years. He produces combining all the elements of his musical background with a deep-house stuff giving life to a new and original concept. Bound to his drummer roots he approaches crowd with groovy live sets made up by using his machines that move people from smooth and mellow sounds to harder ones and as he tells you a story, he takes you on a never felt before journey. Resident at the electronic festival Altavoz, he immediately gains a considerable and positive feedback through the electronic scene and then he starts to collaborate with several labels. In 2009 he signs with INAVS71, the label of System of Survival, whereby his first EP comes out under the name of “Unheard Melodies”. In subsequent years he continues to produce for different labels such as Fventi, Quarter Notes and Kosmophono, citing only a few. Recently he sign with Grand Canal Records, founded by Max D. Blas.