- Paolo Tamoni


PAOLO TAMONI ,was artistically born during the explosion of Neapolis Techno scene. He felt in love with that new music style, and artists like Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito, Gaetano Parisio, so that he fully focused on it, gathering how many vynils he could, improving his technique and approaching to his first music production softwares. In some years He have played in many international club and events, with artist like:JEFF MILLS, CHRIS LIEBING, SPEEDY J, BEN KLOCK, MARCEL DETTMAN, JEROME SUDENHAM,DAVE CLARKE, OSCAR MULERO, THE ADVENT, JOEY BELTRAM, TECHNASIA, ROBERT HOOD, LEN FAKI, DEETRON, RINO CERRONE, DANILO VIGORITO JOSEPH CAPRIATI, ERIC SNEO, KEVIN SAUNDERSON, ALAN HOLDAM, DAVIDE SQUILLACE, SAMUEL L. SESSION, DJ MURPHY, TOBI NEUMANN, DJ LUCCA, MARKANTONIO, BAS MOOY, DJ LUKAS, FERNANDA MARTINS, BILLY NASTY, MAURO PICOTTO, INDUSTRYALIZER, JAMES RUSKIN, SUBSTANCE, DAMON WILD, TIM BAKER, VIPER XXL, RANDY, SHLOMI ABER, DAMIAN SCHWARTZ,