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 - Ashworth


Ashworth makes techno music which is hard-hitting and melodic.He spends his days producing and engineering house and techno, whilst creating sound art and making music for film. From meticulously crafting milliseconds of audio for film, to playing marathon DJ sets in clubs across most of Europe and beyond, it is this variety of experiences and stimuli that enriches his work.Making the decision in 2012 to record and DJ under the name 'Ashworth' gave Joe a chance to really consider where he wants to take his style, and a year of relentless music-making has resulted in a sound that has the gritty honesty of techno, with an experimental edge to feed the geek inside of himWhen he's not creating,Ashworth joins forces with fellow Londoner, Aggborough to run the monthly party, Vikings. Soon to become a record label in itself, the brand has become a cornerstone of the alternative dance music scene growing in East London.Having already signed music to Baalsaal, 324 records, and Native City, and remix for Kitsune 2013 is set to be a year of unpredictable promise for Ashworth.