- Albert Gonzalez


Dj and producer of Sant Carles de la Rapita. Are your musical genre Tech House, House, Minimal & He has shared events with Taito Tikaro, Dick Ray, Lydia Sanz, Tonet Marza, Pau da House, Isaac FX, Gerorge Venert, Joel Bondía, Rikk Styban's, DJ Lens, Joan Roca, Alex Montes, Lito Sounds, Joel Chalet and many DJ's . Des started 7 years with the DJ world. He has been recognized with awards and Tingnes Matinée level in the Alps (International Festival). He has visited venues such as: Sala Metro, Sala Soho, Nou, Iguana Hot Music Club, Sunset, 2mil, Lo Café del Port and more festivals. On the subject of production tine a variety of items to the sale on labels such as Leo Records Zero Records, Solguz Recording, Seventy Nine Records and many more top level.