- Whef Tone


Born September 21, 1988, the day in Argentina is celebrated in addition to the day of spring, the student’s day and the day of the health worker, office of his parents Lola and Marcos.From the age of 2 he attended the Alejandro Manzoni School in Villa Adelina, Buenos aires. At age 6 he began his foray into music with a keyboard and later with a guitar. Within the school develops knowledge of electronics, while his musical tastes are already taking shape, having as referents since 1997 to Daft Punk.After a couple of sabbatical years and having finished his pre-university studies, he received a Graphic Designer at the University of Salvador;In parallel with the whole atmosphere of electronic music, first as a spectator in the different events. And after defining his passion, which I ended up in his beginnings as producer of dubstep and trap with the alias of NiumPz.After several years of study and to enter little of the underground scene. He developed several electronic events with his ATYOPE label, bringing together several friends to play in Buenos Aires.He made several related courses and the most recent mixing and mastering, which served to perfect his current style, the Tech House and Techno.