- Zioo


Spanish DJ and producer , is a benchmark in the clubbing music in Andalusia and Levante.His main style is Techno But what makes it special to this Dj ?....They are mixtures with other genres such as Deep, Tech House and Dark sounds.Zioo been through the best clubs in Andalusia and Levante area. Without noting that he has been playing in big events and collaborations participating as an artist with representatives of the Crown Sunsets Sessions celebrating Corona each summer and has shared booth with artists like Gonçalo , Kill the Hipster, Chicletol , Mr Danny and more ...His productions have always been taken to the genre Techno but always liked to Tech rythms mix dark and Deep melodic sounds without removing its elegant lines that shows every day in his work. He has participed in labels like Gonza Records, Thunder Recods, Microdot Music, Iberico Techno Labe, Barcelona Beats Record, Stabagannzza Record....