- The Infernal Brothers


"The Infernal Brothers" - Drum'n'Bass / Hardcore - the staff of the Russian Federation.We will not you fill in the third person, saying the young, promising and talented DJ's, promoters, producers and general musicians, we really simple guys from the heartland of the Ivanovo region, we do not pay for PR and advertising, not useraemsya about how we known and public circles, our name - "The Infernal Brothers" as a project born in 2009 by two brothers, that is us.Occupation involves the creation of complex sound dissonant drum loops, followed by the imposition of background, arrangement, and of course mastering. In simple words, create a hard and uncompromising Drum & Bass with a complex and often unpredictable structure of perception, from which many easy to just a sore head and a red gnats which in turn they will be picking his mouth open at the same time.The idea of creating this project "The Infernal Brothers" was born in the mind after thinking about options for action and joint work, we both wrote the music and thought, and not * fucked nut for us together, it is still a common cause, and do so at their zhahnul, separate and Many thanks to our loyal comrade and brother in spirit, namely Igor (FLAER N95) for all of us that he lived with, and he helped us to identify with the name of the project.