- Hardkaus


Wardo, aka HardKaus, born in São Paulo - Br, had his first contact with the electronic musicaround his 14 yeard old age, and enchanted by the sounds of djs like Dave the Drummer, Cris Liberator, Renato Cohen, Camilo Rocha, Rush among others, he decided to develop his own repertoire. His LIVE P.A. is made only by productions of his authory. Marking creativity and and his irreverent style, he presents an agressive set with influences from techno to hardcore and artists like Boris S, Arkus P, Robert Natus, Sven Whitenkind, Pet Duo, Lukas, Murphy, OBI, Leon KB, Malke, Viper XXL, Chor, Alex Tb, SNL, TRB, Buchecha among many others. His work is recognized internationally for almost all artists from the scene, as one of the revelation promises of Techno. http://fb.com/hardkaus