- Tal Tager


As the soul floating around the universe, searches for it’s new and right body base to fit into, for it is a new beginningfor it is, A NEW JOURNEY! and so Tal Tager’s solo journey into sound has only just began, his soul full of emotions which has been kept locked in Pandora’s box, are all erupting into the universe as they send and brings love unity, creativity & positivity as his “Emotive Soul” is leading the masses on an epic physical, mental, spiritual and emotional therapy release at once, for hours on the dance floor.His musical art has been described by many as Emotive Spiritual Cosmic & Melodic Deep House in a trip around the world to the far land of the ancient tribes with organic instruments moving you by the strong rhythm of live drums and percussions, then brings you back from the land of unknown wilderness back to the industrial civilization with Tech House & Techno.Dive in and join his Journey into Sound