- Van Lazarux


Nigel began his Djing career at the young age of 15, in the bustling Panama City, since his first introduction to the art he has been following his passion for music and has performed through out Panama and beyond, and has shared the stage with world renowned acts as:Edward Maya, Cosmic Gate, Filo & Peri, Francis Davila, Tiesto, Erick Morillo, Charlie hawk, Dave Darell, Klass, Marcello Castelli, Willy Sanjuan, DJ Gabriel Sordo, Ferk, Lawrence Casal, Mijangos, Fragma (DUO), Tom Sawyer, Noise Mac, Sergio Mix, G-tek, Felix Del Barco, Dj Alexa, Armand Peña, Marks Pappas,Dave Tarrida,Allan Banford, Sonico, C. Lopez, Ivano Bellini, Colleen Shannon, Vj Trianna, Patrick M., Jerry Bouhan, Rod Carrillo, Eric Prestinary, Robbie Rivera, Willie Morales, Granvil Kincaid of Acid Productions, Oscar G from Space Club Miami, Benny Benassi, and Paul Van Dyk.Alson was dedicate to the production al same time as DJ, by which himself to dedicated to Tech House and Techno, the ones that I like to produce as a producer in Panama, by which to managed to be with some of the better Records od industry of the MP3: Pressure Records, Istmo Music, Dub Tech Recordings, Atsuo Records, Itzamna Records, Radikal Rercords, Molacacho Records, Trebol Records, Neuroscience Recordings, Neuroscience Deep, Tigereye Recordings, Uno Tracks Records, Alicia Records, Next Dimension Music, Deeplife Records, Cristian Records and many more.