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 - Steve Valentine


Valentin Nyari aka. Steve Valentine (Budapest, Hungary) has cared for music since his childhood, at the first time it was just his hobby. For a couple of years all of his freetime has pivoted on producing music. All the gates and limits disappeared when he has known Cubase advanced music produce system. His own music, and the remixes which was made for another dj’s, and producers are made with a significant time advantage, without destroying the quality.At the very start: Initially he has been up and doing trance, but the newwave house music ran away with him. His style is multiple, from the club sounding until minimal and tech-house. His sonorityworld is dynamic, it describes rich melody fantasy with clear-out breaks. His real selves is personalized by the „They say I’m a dreamer” track, which is 100% his own music, and noted dj’s spins at the best clubs of Budapest regularly. The musics which were made by Steve Valentine in both sounding and concept enter the lists with foreign producers.Cooperations: In his side project, in the formation of Sunset Groove, they deputize the melodic, house hit stlye with his best friend from a child, Mario Rizzi. Three digital EP were released by attend of Ear Supply Recordings.In the beginning of 2011 Steve got in touch with Chris Drifter apropos of a remix (Alpha De Vale, Tunisia), and thanks to this remix they got into a friendship, which friendship is still holds. In the course of joint works has borned a lot of valuable music which were admitted by several international labels. Chris Drifter’s monotonic, progressive sonorityworld befits perfectly Steve Valentines’ rich, massive sonic, maintime style. Mixing of two of them’s taste generates a whole new, sometimes melodic, but hard sounds which was admit by Markus Schulz, Umek, D.O.N.S. so far.Several releases: Baroque Records, Wizz Records, Soundtribe Records, Wild Record, Movement Recordings, Emotive Sounds, Dbeatzion Record, Natura Viva etc...Plans: Steve plans for the near future are: gain reputation, get into popular, show his talent in better-known clubs, as far as possible within the confines of full- house party.