- Sebastian Klone


Sebastian Klone's origins are unknown, but his journey to where he is now has seen him develop into a true force behind the decks. Never predictable but always consistent when it comes to delivering the goods, Sebastian Klone has been quietly gaining pace over the last couple of years in the house and techno scene. Without defining himself to any specific sound, he carves out his own unique style of musical sound scapes. From his DJ sets to the tracks he makes, nothing is ever the same as he pushes his own boundaries to express his love for the dance scene. Over the last few years, Sebastian has dj'ed around the globe, from Canada to Ibiza, and with his return to the UK after a hiatus in Canada, he's ready to keep the pressure up. Eclectic doesn't even cover his musical roots soaking in every piece of inspiration he can when he sits down to start each new project. This is only the beginning, and the year is still young, and with a new radio show on Hoxton FM, he is carving out a path to success.