- Ruslan-Set


"I`ll conquer this planet with love for you".Search. It can be different: deliberate or spontaneous, long or short. Many people are looking for something, and strive for something. But not many people know what they are looking for.Assume that people are moving to the source: the smaller stretches for more, and the weak stretches to the strong.Source - it's a definite state of the conductor, a state of mind, a state of purity of spirit and energy levels. There are not so many sourses on our planet. They follow each other. One is always replaced by another one, and it can last even for centuries or millennia. Gods, kings, pharaons, people, nature - all these can be a source - they hide their strength. We can repeat and say that true sources are limited, and it's a constant changing between them.. Some powerful sources fell into the world of electronic music in the Third Millennium. One of them - Ruslan-set.