- DJ Buk


Hi! my name is Vladislav. I've been doing music for 10 years. I work in the program FL Studio version 11.Recently I started to study the style of Uplifting Trance. t, to this I was more inclined to electronic music like electro house progressive house and still tried his hand in the style of dub step, but this style I did not really like and I stopped at 2 genres such as progressive house and trance. why I liked the genre of uplifting trance trance is a beautiful, energetic style that makes its sound to the depths of the soul, body and brain. House can not boast of such a drive, it is a passing music, stage remixes, or just nothing special of itself is not. Under trance you want to dance. It makes me want to listen to again and again. It breaks the boundaries between mind and body. The trance complements you, penetrates your heart and stays there. Trance is a beautiful music of the soul, it is a new brilliant Symphony in our world.In trance compositions different rhythm is used, so-called "barrel", different instruments (synthesizers), different concept of track construction, etc.For example, house mostly works on emotions and feelings, while trance also involves imagination, a good trance track is a whole adventure, story, or story.