- Peyo


Pioneer of D&B in Toulouse, France, PEYO began his career in ’97 . He participates in parties and festivals all over Europe. PEYO has played with some of biggest names such as ANDY C, DILLINJA, HYPE, MOVING FUSION, FRESH, ED RUSH & OPTICAL, SUBFOCUS, MARCUS INTALEX, BREAK, MOBY, AMON T OBIN, MS DYNAMIT E, STAMINA MC, BIG RED, JAMALSKI ... PEYO has been a key figure on the French airwaves, co-hosting his own radio show in France with REDEYES.PEYO is not limited to D&B, he also plays Electro, House & Dubstep, and was inspired for his composition of Hip-Hop, Soul and Deep Funk.With many scenes and passages in regular radio programs as BAILEY’s ‘INTABEATS’,FLIGHT’s ‘NEXT CHAPTER’, and the FABIO’s program on UK’s BBC, PEYO devotes his time to music production. He is signed on the labels GOOD LOOKING, DNBB RECORDINGS, BINGO, INFLUENZ A MEDIA, SANT ORIN, BLU SAPHIR, LIQUID DROPS and of course VANDAL RECORDS...