- Motiv


Motiu Sorin aka Motiv was born in Oradea, Romania owner at Dinsubsol booking agency and Got Trapped Music. Motiv started DJ career at 19 while he was studying at university, but this was only for his own pleasure. After few years of residency and many gigs he had the opportunity to share his desk with local and international DJs such as Vera , Andrey Pushkarev , Markus Homm , Ada Kaleh, Ali Nasser , Dubphone, Negru , Adrian Eftimie , Raoul Russu and others. Motiv came up to satisfy our needs and rolled up production of fierce basslines punched by movie cuts and old Romanian Folklore sounds. The sound of afterhours flavored Romanian techno - minimal to prove that the western side of Romania has a lot more to offer! Motiv is artist of following labels : Vandalism Musique, Got Trapped, Wavetech Muisc, Attrakt Records and soon his own label Dinsubsol (Vinyl Only). Motiv is playing romanian minimal-techno. https://www.facebook.com/Motiv.Sound https://soundcloud.com/motiv-music