- Mystific


Mystific aka Aaron Mello began his musical career in his teens, had strong musical influences from Soul and Jazz Music.At 16 started working with music production in the style Hip Hop, produced dozens of "jingles" for TV commercials and radio.At 18 met the musical style "Drum and Bass" which was passionate and since then, only produced this kind of music.With some remixes such classics as: "Xpress 2 - Lazy (Skint Records)" and "Iio - Rapture (Universal Records)," Aaron Mello could have music releases in major "labels" style DNB.In 2011 he joined the team DNBB Recordings, which gradually became one of the owners. Currently makes little artists are able to appear in the world DNB.Today,Aaron Mello is one of those responsible for talent- hunting in the world of DNB!