- Normandie


Normandie is not only the astonishing landscape located inthe northwestern part of France. It is moreover the DJ andmusic producer Norman Radek, from the northernmost partof Germany.“wellness for the ears” describes Normandie´s esthetic andsophisticated productions. T he sound will lead you to aworld far away from your daily stress. His mix betweendownbeat, downtempo, lounge, and chillout combined withclassical elements creates a surreal sounds which willremind you how to relax and dream again. After twosuccessful EPs his first Album “city lights” is now releasedand available.Very early, Normandie was fascinated by electronic music.His DJ experiences are going back to the late 90´s wherehe started at first with house and techno music. During thelast decade he has developed his own music style andcombines now the dynamics of dance music with floatingdownbeats and atmospheric sounds.Normandie enables thelistener to drift through his musical worlds.