- PrinsJan


This Dutch DJ/Producer was born in a barn in the East of the Netherlands, raised amongst the flesh eating cows. The 5”6 short small-town boy came alive at his first rave in the middle of the nineties. Since he didn’t have any skills (yet) and was hardly supported by his parents in his efforts to succeed in life (read: beaten to shit daily), he had no other choice but to start playing devastating drums in dark barns, much like the one he was born in.Nowadays he’s still crazy about drums and bizarre noises: with his sound he transforms every gig into a shattering, controlled chaos. All that this guy needs, is a danceable crowd and one hell of a sound system. Give him these things, and he will love your gluteus maximus forever.PrinsJan, with more than ten years of experience in sound engineering and still working as a dj/mastering/mixing/sound engineer/music selection (with Dennis Ruyer) at Dance Department/Radio 538.