- Neosoto


My name is Cristian Soto Lopez aka Alexander Neosoto am dj / producer / label owner born on March 25, 1991 dj feature me the motivation and the environment that transmit to people. since 2010 the March 29 start my career both as dj and producer Deejay: My beginnings were setting by going to parties in a single address where it comes before you start dj who was on stage and tells me to put care for their set at the time did not understand much but I was curious to move the jog and listen back and forth as I entered the track a wild desire to learn and at the end of the party when the teams were being asked what in the rented me one day and told me some money and save them so I started my career I am now one of the best live dj set of the city as much so let me open a nightclub in Paradise Kaiserdisco Flavio Diaz toxic and more club I am a resident in the Tropical Cocktails bar in my hometown Pereira.producer: when I learn to play I discover fresh sounds captivate the ear and begin to study empirically the FL Studio where my first track him out for well-known mark owner Joy Marquez 76 recordings that take me as his producer promise and it begins to publicizing both his label and in the end of March beatport Neosoto takes his first reference to his label Groove Records Coffee time I just walk by taking a lot of strength and in September for its Good Sales will make your profile with your top artist of the 10 most downloaded