- Danilo Monteiro


The passion for music began when he learned to play guitar, always seeking innovations every day they played. Not limitedonly the instrument sought to learn to play various instruments among thembattery. In 2008 elements of electronic music call your attention. startingthen went on to study about what comprised the music itself.Had met members of the electronic design Spyzer and took the opportunity to make rapid progress with them to enhance their knowledgeand is improving with each passing day.He has played alongside great artists Scene electronics as Felten, Bruno Barudi, Maxximal, Rogerio Animal, michel gody, Midlletoyz, Fractal System, among others.itspresentations are made up of own songs, mashups, reedits, and productionsother artists. His style ranges from electro to tech house.Itsinfluences: Felguk, dyson mile, Electrixx, Spyzer, Fernando Lima, alex mind, antention, viduta, Solovey. He played in clubs like: Bielle ClubEmporio Santa Maria, Jack's place, Ganesh bar among others.