- Michael C.


Michael C belongs to the most successful progressivehouse DJs and producers in the Central Europe. He isresident DJ of the legendary Prague club Roxy, where hehas his night Refreshment and i salso involved in runningthe club program. He is headliner and resident DJ of themost popular radioshow about dance music in CzechRepublic and Slovakia named Dance eXXtravaganza onEvropa 2 / Europa 2 radio station. His tracks regularly playsuch famous DJs and producers like Ferry Corsten,Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, Kyau & Albert, JoachimGarraud and many more. He entered inside T OP 50 of theworldwide chart The DJ List in the past. In addition tosuccess on the domestic scene, Michael has alsoperformed in China, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia andPoland. Michael C officially remixed legendary bandKosheen and releases his production on global labels.Introduced himself on megashows like Transmission,TranceFusion, Reflections with Armin van Buuren andalongside DJ Tiesto before 15 000 people. He played atfestivals Pleasure Island, Svojsice, Creamfields, Machac,Summer of Love or foreign Summer City in Poland, BeeFree,Okey Leto in Slovakia and Summer Emotion in Italy. In 2012Michael released his remix on the legendary label In TranceWe Trust / Black Hole and the song was chosen by FerryCorsten on his compilation as an exclusive bonus track!Michael releases exclusive production also in 2014! Remixof single One Minute More from Capital Cities (along withproducer Dolda) was shared by the biggest worldwidedance portals.T he original dynamic sound, combination of novel methods,surprising selection of songs, world production andspontaneous interaction with the audience on stage. Ladiesand gentlemen, let us introduce Michael C!WHO IS MICHAEL C? - Headliner and resident DJ of Dance eXXtravaganza teamon Evropa 2 (CZ ) / Europa 2(SK) radio station- Resident DJ of the legendary Prague club Roxy (in DJ MagT OP 100 Clubs) or City Lounge in Cesky Krumlov (T OP 3Bar Awards CZ “Club of the Year”)- Official DJ and face of the brand Storm London- Actual sound house, progressive house, progressivetrance, techhouse, deephouse- A successful producer - his tracks were supported bynames like Ferry Corsten, Kyau & Albert, Joachim Garraud, Flash Brothers, Sean Tyas, Giuseppe Ottaviani, BartClaessen and many more- Desired remixer - asked to remix the legendary bandKosheen, another of his achievements was released inDecember 2012 on the famous label In Trance We Trustbelonging to the world-famous brand Black Hole Recordings- remix was chosen as a bonus track on his compilation byFerry Corsten, two hilarious remixes on the album of thePirate Swing Band


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