- Mario Spit


Mario Spit aka Dj Spit was born in Barcelona, Spain. At the age of 12 was interested in electronic music and started buying vinyls even though he had only an old turntable. Came into the world of djing in 1996 after being influenced by electronic music firsts serious relationships. Self-taught and with an own style that has been developed and evolved over the years merging styles like techno, minimal, tech- house and deep house his sesions are a sound trip to this genres and to feelings.After finishing the high school he studied sound engineering to improve his skills on the studio production, release his own vision of music, understand the electronic music at a higher level and apply his knowledge to his live sets and shows.At the ends of 2011 founded his own underground record label, Consumed Records, which has been received with great expectations between djs and producers all over the world. Spit is a combination of the science world with the spiritual one, the physical with the mental and the voluptuous with the mystical.