- Lucas O'Brien


It all began in the mid-eighties as a hip-hop, electro and funk DJ with a fascination for psychedelic and electronic music (and dancing in warehouses all night)! In the early nineties, I played techno at clubs and events including Club UK, The End, Heaven, Fabric and Tribal Gathering. Since then I've been traveling across the globe playing many styles of dance music (I've played in over 30 different countries in the last 3 years) but I also enjoy getting together with a loud sound-system and a load of friends in a forest or some other beautiful surroundings for a proper shindig. Most commonly I play psytrance or techno/techhouse sets but I'll play anything that's got the required groove to suit the occasion. After guesting at a TIP party in 1998, the TIP crew asked me to represent their label and in early 2001 I became label manager of Flying Rhino Records. These days I'm spending more and more time in the studio and love to tweak away on a good synth. I have made music with artists such as Eat Static, Raja Ram, Hallucinogen, Dickster, Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Aphid Moon, Avalon and Prometheus (amongst others). My latest album to follow on from 'God Save The Machine' is called 'T ales Of Heads' and was released on TIP records in November 2010. My other most recent projects involve working on my solo project, some remixes and a new techno outfit with Merv Pepler of Eat St at ic called 'Major Clanger'. For info on gigs etc. please check www.myspace.com/lucastipworld or facebook.com/djlucasobrien