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Relaxed sounds, combined with guitar sounds, drum beats and unique vocals. That describes the sound of the Dutch DJ duo Kryga the best.They were inspired by Avicci and Lost Frequencies. They also started making music through them. In 2015, the DJ duo Kryga was born.After putting out a few tracks themselves, they were ready for the general public. They sent a number of tracks to Armada, and with success. The tracks 'Lazy River' with Tiana Kruskic, and 'West Coast' with Rhea Raj, are released on Armada Chill and together good for 500k streams on Spotify.With support from Sam Feldt, Tai, Seizo, Andrew Rayel, Rodg and Apek arethey ready for the next step. Kryga is going to focus on their commercial side and when the time is there, they will show an even more unique side of themselves.- Close your eyes and feel the vibe -