- Kristhian Salazar


Kristhian Salazar (Cristhian Gabriel Salazar Crivani) was born in Zapala (Neuquén, Argentina) on January 13, 1996, studying piano for 5 years, becoming an element ary t eacher. In 2011 he meet s Mat ijay (Matteo Mirenda), a DJ Producer who helps to seal their first tracks, "My sound Is Life" by Dark Flower Records, "Tribal Piano", "Holy Piano EP", "Take Control Of Tic Tac "and" Neon Mania "by 1988 Records. Over time she meets a big Progressive House in Argentina: Marqueti, who sealed their first album exclusive "Together For Life" on the label "Century Survey". Kristhian began his career as a DJ, presenting the program sets Puquen Underground Radio and a great friend. In February 2012, Kristhian Salazar and DJ Beto create the record label Argentina "Argentina Records".