- Ken Sheldon


Ken started his interest in dance music in late 2010 while working on a documentary about the Chicago nightlife scene. Diving deeper into the scene as a promoter he discovered and enjoyed all the diverse genres and styles of dance music. Early influences such as Deadmau5 and Funkagenda persuaded him to check out different artists. Many of Chicago's local DJ's had a impact on him such as Jai Sephora, Mike Hughez, Tommy O'Mozart, and Hard Mike to take his dream to the next level. T hrough much practice Kennymester has played at Vison Nightclub, V-Live, and NV Penthouse. Ken developed a style with strong roots in Tech House and Techno although his versatility allows him to play to all types of crowds. Determined to make his music heard, Ken is actively beginning to produce his own music and throwing his own events. One thing Ken will never give up is his originality, he strives to play a diverse and unique set every time he plays.