- Kaehne


Peter Kaehe aka Kaehne has been involved with the Danish music scene for many years. In 1997 he began DJ-ing at the famous Copenhagen club "Krasnapolsky", home to some of the best DJs around at the time. However that was not enough for Kaehne, and he soon began arranging small club parties and helping his friend Al Lindrum with bigger raves involving names such as Acid Junkies, Misjah and Miss Djax. In 1999 Kaehne decided that he would make his biggest rave ever in Denmark, and inspired by the German Love Parade he then founded Rave Parade. The first of its kind in Denmark ever, and it gathered 20.000 people at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. Rave Parade became a success that was repeated in 2000 and 2001 along with 2 singles "Rave Parade 2000" (Flex/EMI Music) and "Rave Parade 2001" (Bigstar records). Back in 1999 Kaehne also hosted his own weekly radio show, "The Techno Hours", every Saturday night. In 2000 Kaehne was hired by EMI Music as A&R assistant at their electronic sub-label Flex records, where he also functioned as club promoter and right hand man of label manager Kenneth Bager. Later he formed the electronic duo "Digital Addicted" but today Kaehne is producing as a solo artist.