- Jacknroll


When we speak about “Jacknroll”, we speak about a project which began in 2011, for two young Portuguese friends who always shared the same musical taste.Vitor Tavares (Jack) and Roland Sousa (Roll) demonstrated constantly the which that one day they could feel the sensation of “playing musics” and control the good ambient of a night ina bar or club through of a musical selection distinguished by original sounds and some classic sounds, profit by a restless research which we can see it in the updating of their choices.Appearing the idea of being together as a “double” they show us immediately that they where interested and decided to create the “Jacknroll” which, is faithful to the underground register they lead their way of working, respecting their musical tastes influenced by Techno, Deep House and Tech House.In 2012, they joined into the Collective T herapy team, being today as one of the responsible by the management of the workflow of this promoter.This project has several purposes to continue to develop; the continuous challenge is the production of originals, beeing sure that they are ready to new challenges.No doubt the “ Jacknroll” will conquer bit by bit small spaces with gratefulness moments that shows us quality signs which they wish to supply.