- Introversion


Julius Debler, better known as introversion, already produced his own compositions on the drums,the piano and the guitar in the early years of his childhood. During his youth, he developed a great interest in electronic music, which finally resulted in a defining passion. The importance of learning instruments, especially drums, has had a profound effect on how his music sounds today. Thus he likes to choose groovy breakbeats as well as multiple, stacked hihats. Introversion, however, attaches great importance to melodic, mostly melancholic pad and string elements, in the style of early 90s trance. In doing so, he tries to embed an emotional level into the stomping, repetitive techno-beats.Despite his young age he likes to be inspired by the 90s and 2000s rave, techno, trance andEurodance. This is clearly reflected in his hard and dynamic DJ sets. Hislatest release, "Dystopia EP", which was released on the Berlin-based label ARTS, celebrated a huge success and is regularly playedby famous DJs such as Len Faki, Dax J, Cleric and many more.