- Deas


Deas - nonconformist, was borned in Greece, lived in Belgium, registered in Kraków nowadays. DJ and music producer. Since he was a child music was his fascination. Grew up on the classical music, then he was fascinated by jazz, acid jazz and rock. After another methaporphosis he set in electronic music. Inspired by achievments of artists like Portishead,Lutzenkirchen, Dubfire, Sebastien Leger, Deas started to create House/Techno/Progressive. In his sets you can hear sounds of progressive house passing into tech house and mintech, which created euphoric climate during each party, leaving in clubbers hearts a stigma of unique event. Deas always bet on creativity and orginality. Always looking for new solutions in his work.Always perceive that he should stick to something which is different, to link various style into new hybrid. Thanks to that he create a style with which he is identified.Almost all of his week is fulfill by work on sets. Loving what he do, he still creates and supply act on the music market.