- Linn Elisabet


DJ and producer Linn Elisabet is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Being a classically schooled cellist since childhood colors Linn’s music with harmony and rhythmic complexity, met with passion for harsh kickdrums, gritty basslines, and killer BPMs. Linns debut releases ”Hålla Momentum” and "Är Det Nu Vi Går Under?" (Street Life Rhythm) caught praise from names like Cari Lekebusch, Juho Kusti, Thomas Hessler, Rune Bagge, Patrick Siech, Jamaica Suk, DVS1 and Etapp Kyle.During the past years, Linn has thrown the Swedish underground crowd between euphoria and despair - playing and producing for platforms such as mnmt.no, Nordanvind Records, and SLR. Now rising to do their first international gigs during 2018, Linn carries on the story that started in a small town orchestra, through dusky warehouses, and throughout bars of sonic perception.