- Hologram (Italy)


Hologram, a futuristic and tridimensional feeling alias, underwhich lies the young Italian producer Stefano De Tullio, born1986.Fatally attracted by club scene since he was a bit more thana child, at twenty Stefano starts to play in several Milan'sclubs and in a countless amount of private parties.Shortly after taking two Electronic Music Production and aMixing and Post-Production certifications at 4CMP school,he starts to produce his first tech-oriented grooves from asmall and warm home-studio, located under a friend'shouse.In about two years of work, he realized valid tracks for ahandful of labels, progressively gaining public support.Actually he joins the official producers and remixers crew of9191UltraSonica Recordings and according to hissecondary passion for photography and digital graphics, isalso designer for some Italian labels. He simply can’t standstill, needs to express with impalpable and captivating artforms, like his pseudonym reccomends.