- Hectic


Tim Fitzpatrick; known in the industry as Hectic, has dropped a wide variety of acclaimed tracks in a very short period of time, ranging from dubstep to glitch hop to garage and UK bass music. Hectic's previous releases, including the tracks “Complex”, “Evolve”, “Fatal”, “Sudden Death”, “Don’t Tell Me”, “Z one 10”, “How Could You” and “You Got Me” have established his name once and for all. His latest releases, "Skeleton", "Stand Still" and the ''Trendsetter'' EP, as well as various tracks on DJ Hatcha's label, Hatched, delivered a raw, uncut and heavy dubstep workout to the dancefloors. Setting the pace with relentless beats in a spacious and rough soundscape, it is clear that Hectic gives a new twist to the dubstep genre.