- Goyko


Born in Southern California, Jorge Goyco has travelled to many parts of the world, gaining influence for his musical and artistic talent. Having Puerto Rican parents, the “beat” is in his blood. If there is music playing, you can be sure Jorge is distracted by it, and probably moving his butt. His first memories of “Electronic music” are from Skating Rinks in the 70s and 80s. Recording music all the way back in the 70s with his brothers on a cassette recorder, Jorge has been creating music and experimenting with recordings for a long time. Turned on to House and Trance in the late 90s, instantly hooked, began attending raves, house parties, underground renegades and clubs, and started producing the music that became his muse, DJing all over the United States. You can find Jorge’s music on several Record Label releases, on a couple of movie soundtracks and even commercials and corporate presentations. His latest project, “GOYKO” on G&D Records is his best work yet, building off his early Hip-Hop ties, Latin roots and aggressive Metal influences.