- Hannes Smith


It is like someone shoots love and passion all over the dancefloor. For more than ten years Hannes Smith spreads his music from Montreal via Rekjavik to Warsaw. Some call him a Berlin-dancefloor-romanticist who gets influenced by everything which surrounds him. Living in Iceland gave his music trades which can not get easily classified: Hannes makes music for the moment and also for eternity, for indoors and for open air, for the soul and for the dancefloor. Along with releases on Etoka Records, ProgCity Deep Trax and Vekton Musik he has also been working on his very own first album release “Maerchensee”, which he published himself in December 2012. After playing alongside Robag Whrume, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Apparat he now focuses on writing new Cinematic Dance Music: Beats for the feet - Melodies for the head.