- Dr.Sanich


Kovalenko Maxim AleksandrovichWas born on January 18, 1984 in the provincial town, behind a polar circle. Up to ten years wasn't interested in music, didn't get acquainted with legendary creativity of the The Prodigy group yet. Since that moment interest in creativity of this group, but also big curiosity to club music in general appeared not just.Worked much, carried out any trepanation of a track and at the end of 2011 Max Sanich protects doctor's "musical psychology" and there is Doctor Sanich.For the professional activity as the DJ of Dr. Sanich played on one platform with such DJs as DJ. Feel, Swanky tunes, Kiril Slepuha, Zoo Brazil, Martin roth, DJ. Kolya, DJ. JIM,RIGA.DJ, MS. ZhAN, Dj. Natasha Baccardi, Dj. Nail of Dj.Kefir, Dj. Bax, Dj. Katy Isterika, etc. Labels on which music is issued: [Mud&lo Records], [System Recordings] of NY.