- Lalova Fox


Lalova Fox has been passionate about music and she finally decided to kick start her career in the industry with house music. She only learned how to produce music towards the end of 2016 by viewing short music tutorials on YouTube,while she had finished a short course of deejaying. It didn't take her long to achieve her goals.Lalova is a Dj, producer and songwriter. She is an independent artist signed under her own record label, Talent Da Hood Entertainment. Her first songs were released in July 2017, the releases include 'Sunset', 'Push', 'Imagination', 'Explosion', and her lead single Goodtimes. Lalova Fox is a dancefloor sensation with the hits she producers. Her sound is a combination of different genres in the house music scene and she producers incredible Electro Dance Music. There's plenty more music coming from this amazingly talented lady.