- DJs Pareja


Djs Pareja have played for the most important clubs and festivals all around Latinamerica and Europe since 1999, with their personal and eclectic style. As producers, they have released two dance techno pop albums, “Versatil?’ (2004) and “Marcha” (2009). In 2009 they became part of Cómeme, label owned by Matias Aguayo, and released their debut 12” single “Street Sound”. Then they toured Europe together with other artists from the label.In 2010 they released “Brutal E.P.” on the German label I’m Single. "Spanish Is Beautiful" on History Clock records UK is their fifth release, which they presented during their 2011 European tour. T hey participated with a track called “Tacha” in the latest Cómeme sampler vinyl and have recently released a 4-track EP titled “De La Cabeza”, also on Cómeme, which has been supported by Erol Alkan, Tiga, Ewan Pearson, Michael Mayer and Justin Robertson to name a few. They have done remixes for Acid Washed, Alejandro Paz, MKRNI, Sanfuentes and Gui Boratto.They toured Mexico and Europe in 2013. "Steps" is their latest 2-track EP released on Huntleys & Palmers. They will release two new tracks, “Si Señor” and “Cógeme”, in the next Cómeme compilation titled “Gasoline”, and a remix they have made for indie band Little Dragon.They have been hosting their own radio show “Djs Pareja Club Radio” for radio Cómeme since 2012.