- Lupe


Emerging from the heart of Amsterdam's club scene, Lupe carries out his mission of unity through his music and parties. Drawing inspiration from acid house and disco while interjecting his own vocals and lyrics, the resulting self- expression sets Lupe out from the competitive local scene, together with his vast knowledge of house music and culture. His first music release Shake was applauded by artists like Azari & III, Heidi & Tom Trago.He has thrown many club parties in his hometown Amsterdam since 2004, such as Get On Down, UNK, Acid Nouveau and Italo Elite which won the award for Best Party (2010) at the infamous Dutch Golden Gnome Awards. There he was also nominated Best Newcomer DJ (2005) and Most Sexy DJ (2009). This triple talent of producing, selecting music and party-organizing, began his exploration in dance music with a childhood Christmas gift, an acid house compilation on the Jack Trax label. Music took over and dancing was the only option... Aged 16 he became a go-go dancer. Insatiably learning about artists and labels, he evolved from club kid to dance music connoisseur. He graduated in film studies and collected records. Then Lupe decided to create fantasy worlds for others: on the dance floor.ARTIST STATEMENT: I bring a new identity for dance, for men and women, straight and gay, black and white and so on. There is nothing to fear in each other. Nightlife is a designated area to overcome our differences in daily life, where we see each other free in a new light. Therefore, I consider it an honor and a privilege to work in music and parties.