- Kendal


Between Dario Argento’s Giallo aesthetics and Dicken’s dystopian tales, this is where Kendal evolves. Driven by a strong past, present and Nofuture motto - where the flesh merges with the machine - his timeless productions blends italo with EBM & rave with synth-wave. Released in 2019 on David Vunk’s infamous Moustache Records, the ‘Manifesto’ EP and his cult italo dance banger ‘Ultimo’ was acclaimed by the italo disco scene and quickly found a home on dancefloors all around the world. For his second release Kendal joins Jennifer Cardini on her imprint Dischi Autunno, with 4 strictly club and dancefloor ready jams. DJ for more than a decade and pretty tight with his local scene in Toulouse, France, he launches in early 2020 his own curated parties through the ‘Ritmo Fatale’ residencies.