- DJ Chap


DJ Chap produces his own music and these beats that have earned recognition and partnerships with national and international producers and releases signed by the labels like V Recordings, Innerground Recordings & Vandal Records.Some of his tracks are being supported by DJs and producers such as: DJ Marky, DJ Andy, Patife, Bailey, Fabio & Grooverider, TC, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost, A-Sides, DJ Hype among others.DJ Chap is DJing in Brazil and around the world, in places like Austria, UK, Romania, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic and more.In 2014 DJ Chap joined forces with the Brazlian DJ & Producer Level 2 to become ALIBI. They are doing nice collaborations with great D&B artists like DRS, MC Fats, Command Strange, L-Side, MC Coppa and many more. This is just the beginning of a great journey.